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Hi, I'm Mike Hodges. Welcome!

Mike Hodges's Bio:

Mike Hodges is a business consultant and personal development coach. He owns Change and Prosper, located in Pensacola, Florida.


Mike specializes in helping both businesses and individuals become the best version of themselves by effectively managing change in an increasingly complex world. 


He combines the techniques, tools and programs developed by industry leaders with his own curriculum to help individuals and teams take their performance to previously unimaginable levels. 


He helps people understand how and why they do the things that they do: How they process information, think, make decisions, and engage in habitual behavior.


Mike helps people translate their knowledge and skill sets into consistent, productive habits.


Change and Prosper provides several different services that are designed for each customer's unique needs. Our services include public speaking, training seminars, individual and group coaching, and self-guided training programs for individual use.


Our training is available online, or in person. 






Mike Hodges's Experience:

Mike Hodges's Education:

Mike Hodges's Interests & Activities:

Entrepreneurship, Sports, History, Psychology, Personal Development, Economics

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